Going Green.

Eco printing at Imatec Digital...


Traditional printing has had a huge carbon footprint due to wasteful processes and inefficient machinery. At Imatec, we are aware of the environment, and our state of the art digital printing technology represents a massive improvement in efficiency and impact on our environment.

Digital printing itself is a much more environmentally-friendly process than offset printing. For a start, we don’t waste paper ‘running-up’ the press and print only the exact number of copies you need. We don’t use toxic solvents or inks. We don’t make plates which have to be thrown away after the job’s complete. and our digital presses consume a fraction of the power their offset equivalents require.

In addition, we can now offer some of the most popular recycled stocks from australia’s leading paper merchants.

So take the green alternative and opt for digital printing on recycled paper - save time, save money and save our environment.See our blog for a more comprehensive breakdown on digital vs offset printing.